More than 20 years of professional experience and hundreds of customers internationally support our specialty in the service of comprehensive reforms. Our technical team is responsible for developing a design project in line with the tastes and interests of each customer , fitting the remodeling of the product to the environment of the room. How to design the spaces, allows us to adapt to each project trends and innovations in the market, thus compounding personalized with your own touch of Deluxe House redesign.


Using artistic and scientific principles to explore, plan, design and manage the landscape, we integrate each project as a particular natural environment. We know and minutely determine the weather, water and nutritional needs of the landscape, in order to meet the same showing our customers the most suitable technique to carry them out. Observation and design skills as well as creativity and imagination allow us to use nature as a form of expression , getting create unique and exclusive gardens , where you can discover with your family the pleasure of enjoying unique moments abroad.

La observación y las habilidades de diseño, así como la creatividad y la imaginación, nos permiten utilizar la naturaleza como una forma de expresión, consiguiendo crear jardines únicos y exclusivos, donde puedes descubrir con los tuyos el placer de disfrutar momentos únicos en el exterior.


The ability to capture and our understanding of the internal architecture of each project , is what makes us different. Our work is based on the combination of modernity with selected natural shades , obtaining as a general result, an immersive environment and warm , creating spaces that provoke feelings and experiences. For us, the interior is in the process of forming the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume and surface treatment , thus investigate aspects of environmental psychology . Comfort and pleasure of our customers is paramount , therefore , we use the experience and creativity to combine the style of the owners with the conceptual and practical direction inside the housing.


Each of the projects Deluxe House, is considered as a child, and no child without parents. Engineering could consecrate it as the mother of each of our projects, because without it would be impossible to imagine houses with our firm. When making decisions, we apply modern scientific and empirical knowledge for optimal conversion of materials and forces of nature, in practical uses for people. The invention, development and use of good manufacturing techniques allow us to apply to the resolution of technical – social problems in each project, resulting, sustainable homes in all aspects.


Deluxe House architecture is marked by our roots and Mediterranean traditions, always living facing the sea. We create unique projects in which the attention to detail, integrated and adapted to each environment, with a strong innovative spirit, the result of our evolutionary process, without turning our backs on natural and traditional concepts and allowing natural light to flood each the spaces of our homes. Our architectural evolution has patterns and standards, it arises spontaneously during exclusive and personalized design for each project, taking into account the views and interests of our customers. The concept of enjoying every corner of our house, and nothing attracts us as much as staying in it, it is part of the essence that we apply to our projects, so that conspicuous for their own style.


The topography (Greek τόπος , ‘ place ‘ and ‘ -grafía ‘ ‘ description’ ) is the science that studies the set of principles and procedures aimed at the graphic representation of the earth’s surface ( land ), with its forms and details; both natural and artificial . This representation takes place on limited and small areas, areas of land, using the name ” geodesy ” for larger areas. With surveying we can put the house on the plot and place it so that it meets the specific municipal regulations for this purpose, which will allow us to make optimum calculation of the clearing and excavation required for each project.


Before undertaking any project or work, we develop a geotechnical study that allows us to obtain the geological and geotechnical terrain necessary to carry out a construction project information. The geotechnical study previously elaborated the project of a building or a house and seeks to determine the nature and properties of the ground, essential to define the type and foundation conditions. It is also necessary to determine the construction problems that can be found in the development of the work, in order to find the right way for the construction management .