Since 1992 in the sector, we promote and build high quality villas , projected over the Mediterranean. For this we have a technical team of architects, surveyors and engineers , highly experienced , highly skilled and highly regarded .

We strive to be better every day , care of you and advising you on your proposals properly when running a job with us.

We perform the overall management of the entire process of building your home, including a detailed pre-feasibility study of the project.

Our experience and deep study of the construction techniques, allows us to optimize and minimize costs, improving finishes and getting a difficult overall aesthetics to beat. In our work we use the latest cutting-edge techniques, alternating with traditional masonry methods, obtaining high quality results and design.

We centralize our efforts in creating and designing projects in detail and personalized, offering our customers a unique product, with our proposal, the best combination of quality and price.


The aim of Deluxe House is a company that convey the professionalism and experience of our service. Our boundless passion for general construction, architecture and services, as well as our relentless pursuit of innovation leads us to offer cutting-edge experience and feel with the tradition and nature. Everything we do we do it thinking of you, for your pleasure and comfort, creating a cozy, unique and individually styled surroundings.

Over 20 years in the construction sector guarantee our service. Deluxe House team consists of specialized professionals in the field, enabling us to global and comprehensive management of the entire process of building your home.

Our extensive and prestigious team, composed of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, is responsible for preparing budgets in detail, projects, reports and books as, attention to detail and designs with finishes difficult to improve.

We guarantee all our work in writing, meeting the deadlines agreed under contract and down to the smallest detail, so that our customers feel secure during the execution of the works.

We offer a personalized and direct attention, listening to each proposal and our customers are so detained. We keep in touch thanks to digital technology, which allows us to address any issues as soon as possible. We also have a DELUXE-express service for quick customer service company.


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    C/ La Quilla 11, Local 1. CN 332 Km162
    Mascarat – Alicante